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More than 10 years ago the e-mail must die and yet it is still there … Indeed, still today, the newsletter remains an indispensable tool for the internal communicator and the operational departments for inform and engage employees. 

Yet too often, newsletter is synonymous with time-consuming task for those who are in charge of achieving it. And while the regularity of its distribution is a key element to increase its reading rate, the distribution of the newsletter is often abandoned after a few tests.

So, how to set up an effective internal newsletter strategy by spending as little time as possible?


Make it short : Less is more! 

For your readers, browsing a newsletter should be done in less than 2 minutes. 

Give priority to a short format, highlighting as much as 4 pieces of information that seem relevant to you.

Privilege images, catchy titles and no more than 4 lines of detail per topic. If an employee wants to go into detail about a subject, a call to action button will allow him to go to the detailed article that you have previously published on your intranet or on a dedicated landing page. 

Test yourself your newsletter. If you take more than 2 minutes to browse, remove content.


Make it beautiful and do it fast! 

The design of your newsletter is important to maximize its reading rate. 

If content is delivered in a fun and readable way, recipients will be more than happy to browse through your entire newsletter. They will also be more motivated to learn about your future communications.

Also remember that more than 60% of your readers will be aware of your newsletter from their mobile. Your newsletter must be responsive and suitable for reading on mobile. You are not a designer or HTML developer, however, there are solutions to quickly create professional newsletter, charted to the identity of your company! 


Customize communications.

Your newsletter will be more likely to be open if you personalize the subject of your message and its content. 

If you send your message to hundreds of employees, or even thousands, you will quickly reach your limit using your own mailbox to distribute your newsletter. 

But rest assured, solutions exist! 

Also remember that all your internal interlocutors will probably not be sensitive to the same content. Ideally, you will distribute newsletters specific to the various entities of your company, by simply changing the order of appearance of the information that you will disseminate.


Automate your campaigns.

A few days after your initial sending, sending reminders of your newsletters to employees who have not yet read, is a good practice that will increase your reading rates from 15% to 20%. 

However, sending a newsletter to all your recipients will be detrimental to those who have already read it. 

Solutions exist to allow you to automate reminders without any manual action on your part! 


Measure the impact to always improve.

What is the point of taking action if you do not know the impact? You must follow the indicators of each newsletter you send in order to measure impact and take corrective actions to increase it. 

To have a global notion of opening rate is the minimum vital. 

You will probably also appreciate this indicator by group of employees (by management, by function within the company, …). Other indicators like the opening rates of articles that you have hosted on your intranet may also be useful. 


& shift is the first Saas solution for Communication Automation.

Free yourself of time for your high value tasks! 

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July 22nd, 2019|