Communication Automation for

Event Management


Challenges and Solutions

Providing a personalized experience to hundreds or thousands of participants is a complex task. If you are an event manager in a medium or large organization, you’ve probably experienced this complexity and the stress it can generate.
This ends with Communication Automation for Event Managers. You can now easily :

  • Personalize the participants experience
  • Automate repetitive tasks (registration, logistics, .. )
  • Measure the participant’s engagement

4 ways to leverage Communication Automation for Events

Landing Pages

Use our drag & drop Editors to easily create pages to collect participant information

E-Mail personalisation

&shift helps you segment E-Mail communication depending on geography / business unit / interests

Measure Impact

You can now measure the impact of all your event’s digital channels, before / during / after the event


&shift provides a tools to automate follow-ups with participants after the event

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