10 tips to create your internal newsletter (part 2)

In our previous article, we have presented a list of 5 tips to create a successful newsletter. Here are 5 additional tips on the process of internal newsletters creation. Design, personalization and sending frequency are as important as the previous elements we’ve presented on our blog.

6. Let’s get visual!

It’s fundamental to insert at least an image in your newsletter, even if the subject of your email doesn’t really ask for it. Do the test by yourselves: does a plain email make you want to continue reading or click? No? Does this surprise you? 

It’s absolutely normal, nothing gets your attention there. An image will immediately make you want to click to know more and will make reading easier.

7. Hello “Firstname”

You surely have all the information you need about your employees, such as first name, last name, email and why not, birthday and other additional data. You can easily use customization methods for your newsletter, by inserting one or more “attributes” for your contacts.

Additionally, contact segmentation will also help you optimize the customization of the content you send.  

8. “It’s too small, I can’t read a thing”

Today 54% of email openings are done directly on mobile. This is even more available for those who work on the run and are not often seated at a desk in front of their computer. So be sure you’ll use a Responsive Design format for your newsletters. A great variety of email platforms propose this kind of service and it’s very easy to create beautiful newsletters that easily adapt to your readers’ devices.

9. No emails during the weekend…preferably not on Fridays either!

The title already says everything: avoid sending newsletters on Fridays, when most of your collaborators already think about their weekend. Your communication would go unnoticed and would be a loss of time and resources.  

Choose a day and a time based on the activity of your company and the habits of your employees. After the first newsletters are sent, you’ll be able to determine if there is an opening trend of the emails and make it possible to send the next newsletters in that time slot.

10. 1 per month ? 1 per week ? More ?

The ideal frequency of your newsletters cannot be calculated mathematically and depends once again on your activity, the number of employees and departments in the company, on the quantity of information you wish or need to convey. The important thing is not to send too many and too often, especially if the information you want to send is not super important.


We’d like to find out more about how you use newsletters for your internal communication and which are your good practices about this topic. Send us an email or comment on the social networks 😉


November 2nd, 2017|