Communication Automation for

IT Communications

Challenges and Solutions

Providing a personalized IT communication to hundreds or thousands of collaborators is a complex task. This ends with IT Communications Automation.

With &shift, you can now easily :

  • Personalize the collaborator’s IT communication
  • Automate repetitive communication tasks
  • Measure the usage of a newly deployed IT solution
  • Create easily engaging contents

Discover the Interview for FrenchWeb of Stéphan Jost-Neveu

Orange – Internal Digital and Editorial Communication Director

“Internally, we have a strong problematic: how to better engage employees? How to respond to their need, which is to have information that is simpler, clearer, and above all, less voluminous”

3 reasons to choose Communication Automation for IT Communications

Personalise the collaborator’s IT communication

With &shift, you can easily segment E-Mail communication depending on geography / business unit / interests, sens less and more accurate E-Mails to your teams

Automate on-boarding on new IT solutions

Launching a new IT solution is always a corporate challenge, with &shift you can automate on-boarding repetitive tasks and customise the collaborator’s experience depending on this interests

Measure IT Communications performance

We provide real time analytics to understand how you IT Communications is performing, using the &shift tracker or API you can monitor any additional internal channels

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