Marketing Automation

Key benefits of

Marketing Automation

Better Productivity

We help your sales and marketing team save a great deal of time, handling all the repetitive tasks in a matter of seconds

Customised User Journey

&shift helps you send the right content to the right users, you user will end up receiving less but more accurate E-Mails

Better Leads

&shift helps you measure engagement and gain a better understanding of your user preferences, helping you prioritise your actions

Leads Nurturing

Knowing when the time is right to contact a prospect can be a time consuming task, &shift helps you automate those process and inform the sales team

Discover the Interview for FrenchWeb of St├ęphan Jost-Neveu

Orange – Internal Digital and Editorial Communication Director

“Internally, we have a strong problematic: how to better engage employees? How to respond to their need, which is to have information that is simpler, clearer, and above all, less voluminous”

Use Cases

Abandoned cart

Your client abandoned his cart ? You could send him a reminder E-Mail one hour later, and again 4 days later if he opened the first E-Mail

White Paper management

&shift helps you automate the process of collecting the E-Mail, sending a white paper, offering for related premium contents and measuring engagement

User on-boarding

You can create automations to welcome new users to your platform, sending them the tips & tricks relevant to their user journey

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