Communication Automation for

Internal Communication

Gain 30% of you time spent on repetitive tasks and coordination

Communication Automation frees a department from its repetitive and redundant tasks, so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Internal Communication departments worldwide are adopting Communication Automation technology, gaining up to 30% of their time, and making their collaborators happier with a more accurate communication.

Discover the Interview for FrenchWeb of St├ęphan Jost-Neveu

Orange – Internal Digital and Editorial Communication Director

“Internally, we have a strong problematic: how to better engage employees? How to respond to their need, which is to have information that is simpler, clearer, and above all, less voluminous”

Create Internal Communication automations with ease

Our platform was thought with and for Internal Communication professionals

Automate your existing communication process

From newsletters to collaborator on boarding, you can automate all your existing repetive communication tasks

Create your campaigns with our Automation Editor

Using our easy to use drag & drop Automation Editor, you’ll be ready to start your campaign in no time, our Automation Editor was designed for you

Never miss anything with &shift Insights

With &shift you’ll be able to measure the performance of your Internal Communication across your digital channels, and measure engagement assigning points to specific actions

Internal Communication Automation Use Cases


Create your Newsletter with our easy to use E-Mail Builder, plan your communication automations for your Newsletter and measure the impact of your E-Mails

Collaborator On-Boarding

&shift helps you create customise the on-boarding experience of your collaborators, depending on their business unit or geography

Corporate life management : moving, mergers, ..

Important corporate news event require a timed and measured communication, &shift helps you engage your collaborators and measure the impact of your digital communications

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