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Engaged employees

They are happy everyday receiving more accurate and engaging contents


Automated tasks

Imagine the time saved for our client’s communication / HR teams if each task took a second to do manually


Email Open Rate Increase

More accurate and engaging E-Mails lead to an average x2.5 open rate


What are our clients using &shift for ?

For 3 years, our clients have been surprising us using &shift always differently.

The No. 1 Employee Engagement Platform

“&Shift s’attaque à la plus grande difficulté rencontrée par les organisations pour faire adopter un nouvel outil (comme un Réseau Social d’Entreprise) : la résistance au changement. Non seulement &shift mesure l’engagement de chaque collaborateur, mais il permet d’agir dessus de façon personnalisée.”

François Dufour

Directeur du développement, Orange Technocentre


&shift brings super powers to communications and HR team

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Engaging Contents

Creating great E-Mails and Forms has never been easier. Simply drag & drop your bocks to create your contents, in a couple minutes they are ready to be used in a campaign

Automated Campaigns

&shift handles all the repetitive task for you, saving you a great deal of time and giving you super powers to customise the employee experience

Perfomance Analysis

Improve your campaigns and contents continuously using our performance analytics, see how you perform on specific regions or business units

How it works?

Creating your first campaign takes a couple minutes, and it’s free up to 100 Employees.

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