Onboarding employees: saving time and efficiency with communication automation

The topic of welcoming new employees (onboarding) is particularly topical in this period of school year. However, you will need to welcome newcomers all year round.

Put newcomers in the best conditions from (and before) their arrival is an art! It is also a mix of organization, logistics and communication.

In this article, we give you some tips for setting up an effective onboarding strategy that will save you time!

A little attention that is always a pleasure!

It seems silly but it’s always nice …

The famous little welcome kit on the desk before the arrival of the employee will immediately give the feeling to the newcomer of a company where it will be good work.

For the newcomer, the first day is a special moment. This is a moment he will remember for a long time and his first impression must be the right one.

As an HR manager or partner, be sure to give him a special moment, even if it only takes a few minutes. After all, business is a human adventure first and foremost!


Remember that onboarding starts before the first day of work.

The reception of the newcomer actually begins at the beginning of the recruitment process, just as a love story begins before the relationship is consumed …

So be sure to integrate in your process of onboarding actions upstream of the day of arrival of the collaborator.


Take care of communication

Communication is a key element when a new employee arrives. This communication must be personalized and adapted to the progress of the collaborator in his integration cycle.

We will distinguish two types of communication. Human communication (discussion, at an organized point or informally) and “digital” communication (by email for example). Try, as much as possible to balance the two.

It is also important that your collaborator can speak regularly. Does he have questions, misunderstandings, suggestions, … Plan some “feedback” moments to allow him to express himself!

Anyway, in his first 3 to 6 months, tell him he has to hear about you about once a week!


Describe and detail your ideal onboarding sequence

Take a sheet of paper, pencil or spreadsheet. Make a list of the different steps and tasks to be done. Remember to consult all the services of your company who are, from near or far, involved in this process. For example, the IT department will have to prepare computer equipment, welcome a badge, marketing a presentation of the products, etc.

For each task, write down the desired timing and the person in charge.

For example: 

This list will be able to know variants according to the function of the collaborator to integrate.

I grant you, it’s a little school but once this work done, you will already see more clearly. 

In fact, you will realize that many of the tasks you will have to do will be similar regardless of the collaborator you are hosting. These are tasks that you can automate to save time.


Save time with automation! 

We have seen above, when welcoming a newcomer communication is key. 

Personalized and in the right tempo, she will be your ally! 

However, it can be time consuming and repetitive for you. Fortunately, there are now easy-to-use solutions for creating content, such as attractive, personalized emails, and automating internal communication sequences. Our solution, & shift, is the first communication automation solution. One of these uses and precisely the implementation of automated Onboarding campaigns.

Create attractive content easily:

Thanks to a very ergonomic email editor, you will be able to make beautiful personalized responsive emails in seconds. & shift will also allow you to make landing pages (small simple web pages) as well as questionnaires.

Automate your Onboarding campaigns:

Then, thanks to the campaign editor, you stage your automated Onboarding sequence. For example, here the sequence you described in your Excel file.

A new employee joins you? No stress! You add it to the newcomer list and the entire planned sequence will automatically be triggered for you. 


What to focus on other tasks with higher added value! 


&shift is the first Saas solution for Communication Automation.

Free yourself some time for your high value tasks! 

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September 6th, 2019|