Communication Automation for

Human Resources

Because you care about efficiency and collaborator happyness

For human resources departments, efficiency and responsiveness is fundamentally important as it directly impacts the collaborators well-being.

&shift Automation Editor enables man resources departments to process large volumes of data and make decisions from your Automations.

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Interview for Xerfi Canal of Jérémie Lacour (Engie) and Sacha Kargerman (&shift)

“The importance of customizing and automating messages to ensure the success of collaborator onboarding in large organizations”

Key benefits of Communication Automation for

Human Resources

Improve efficiency

You can reduce operational costs, manual errors

Create engaging contents

Our Content Builder help you create great E-Mails, forms, pages, media

Analyse performance

You can define your KPI and follow your HR communication’s impact

Mesure Engagement

&shift provides a cross channel measurement of engagement by assigning points to specific user decisions

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